Jane Jungerman shares her thoughts and personal testimony of the difference prayer makes in her life.


  • Try praying the “Morning Offering” and considering working it into your daily spiritual practices:

O Jesus, 
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
I offer You my prayers, works, 
joys and sufferings
of this day for all the intentions
of Your Sacred Heart, 
in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
throughout the world, 
in reparation for my sins, 
for the intentions of all my relatives and friends, 
and in particular
for the intentions of the Holy Father.


  • The Rosary is a beautiful way to meditate upon the life of Christ – I encourage you to pray one decade today (1 Our Father, 10 Hail Mary’s, and a Glory Be) If you don’t know how to pray the rosary click the link here to learn how!
  • Fasting is a very typical and common practice during Lent – what is God asking you to fast from during this powerful season?
  • Listen to “Dare you to Move,” reflect on the words – and then choose to move by working one of Jane’s ideas into your prayer life! You can hear the song by clicking on the link here:

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