Keith and Christy Adams share their experience with prayer as a married couple. Their insights apply even if you aren’t married, as we are all called to build and nurture relationships with our fellow brother and sisters in Christ.


  • Remember that Jesus spent time praying with the Father…Try asking Jesus to help you to pray, and to imagine Jesus sitting beside you praying with you as you reach out to the Father.
  • Can you try to pray today with my spouse or with a close friend? Are you willing to open up my heart and your prayer life to share it with another? At the very least are you willing to spend time together with another as you both reach out to God in silent prayer simultaneously?
  • Spend a moment reflecting on Jesus’ words “Where two or three gather together in my name, there I am also.” Think about what situations of scenarios in your life recalling this truth may bring great comfort, knowing that Jesus is right there with you.

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