Today’s Mike Didier shares his insights on prayer and the three things that he has found helpful when he converses with the Lord.


  • How can you try to allow Jesus into your heart in a more transparent way? What things in your life do you think could be blocks where you prevent God from coming into your heart? Talk to God about these things.
  • Try praying in an open and honest way today. Just be OPEN – tell God how you feel and ask Him to be in that with you (nothing is more open than sharing difficult stuff with God – if you’re upset: tell God that you are upset! Be open and don’t be afraid to pray about things that aren’t pretty. Be real with God as you pray!)
  • Can you try sitting down, closing your eyes, and physically reaching out your hand and asking God to take it and lead you as you pray? Try this and see where God takes you?
  • What things do you think God may be calling you to that you might be resisting? Are you willing to at the very least pray and truly talk with God about it? Can you share your fears and worries with God?
  • Just try to be open throughout the day!!!!


  1. Mike gave a wonderful spark talk today. I think many of us can definitely relate to a reluctance to putting ourselves into new directions that we at first believe to be out of our comfort zone. 🙏🏼


  2. Great comments on prayer and how it helps .. listening to everyone and what they do to become closer to God is such a help for me..
    Father this is a great way to go through these 40 days of Lent.


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