The Catching Fire Retreat Spark Talk for today is given by Monsignor Deutsch who shares what the ups and downs of prayer life can be like to navigate and gives encouragement to make the decision to pray and to persevere!


  • Do I sometimes find prayer to be difficult? What distractions might be getting in the way that I can consider setting aside to have better communication with God?
  • When prayer finds itself in the midst of a busy list of things to do on any given day, can I try putting prayer first rather than putting it off?
  • When I get distracted in prayer, rather than getting frustrated, can I try to turn the very distraction into something to pray about? Can I ask God to lead me deeper through that distraction and at the same time believe that God is just happy that I am there with Him?
  • Can I try simply being silent in the presence of God?
  • Can I allow my prayer life to go deeper through committing to consistency? As we conclude our week-long focus on prayer, can I pull everything together and make a decision to commit a set amount of time aside daily for communication with God?
  • Don’t get frustrated friends!

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