Lisa DeRango continues the journey for the Catching Fire Retreat as she shares the impact Scripture has made on her life.


  • As you write your own story do you find that there are difficult chapters? If you search interiorly do you find a longing and ache for more? Do you find that you seek guidance in other areas of your life but not when it comes to the deepest places of your heart? Are you willing to make a change?
  • Consider for a few minutes these beautiful words from scripture: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Do you allow God’s words to guide you or do you seek your own path?
  • What things seem to bring you hope, peace, and joy? Are you willing to give God a chance to give you a foundation rooted in His love? Will you let Him give you His guidance?
  • Will you let scripture flow through the pages of your own story? Will you walk in the Light?


  1. This message is how I feel and Have felt for years , thank you for sharing , it gives me HOPE.. Thank you šŸ™


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