Today Krista Ballard shares about learning the meaning of sacrifice through witnessing the loving actions of another.


  • It is a beautiful thing to recognize and affirm others for their gifts, at the very same time it is important to know that God has given you your own gifts and to use what you’ve been given yourself for the good of others. What gifts do you see in others that you can affirm them for? Are you willing to share the gifts that you have so that you can impact others like Krista has through sharing her testimony?
  • Are there people in your life who rely on human connection and other’s reaching out to them? Have you made an effort to make a difference in their lives? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your time to impact them and make them feel loved?
  • True sacrifice often happens day by day, minute by minute, what current circumstances are present in your life that you might not think about as sacrifice, that may be capable of being offered up consciously to God as a loving sacrifice to enable both you and those whom you serve to grow closer to Him?
  • Reflect upon the following: “It’s not always the events we have been directly involved in that affect us the most.” -Francois Mauriac What have you seen or heard that has taught you the meaning of sacrifice? Who has inspired you and how can you strive to follow in their footsteps?


  1. Wow, Krista, loved your spark talk. All the more since I know of your family and the devotion necessary to care for your Grandma. ❤️ God bless you, thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank You for sharing your beautiful story ,I am sure your grandma treasured every moment … precious time 💜😘


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