Rhonda Jahn shares her personal insight to how the Lord has made Himself present to her in the Eucharist.


  • As disciple do you strive to be open to every opportunity that God puts on your plate to love and make a difference?
  • Do you allow your reception of the Eucharist, this intense union and participation in His life, to change you and make you more Christ like? Do you let your love of Jesus flow into your love of others?
  • Are you willing to give Jesus your heart, to tell Him to keep it, to transform it, and to make you more Christlike?
  • Are you willing to open your heart up to the depth of the truth of God’s love for you given in the Eucharist?
  • Rhonda spoke of the need she felt in her heart, a longing for time apart with God, and things changed beautifully for her when she carved out the time to allow God to reach her uninterrupted. Can you choose to make time this week to pray with God in adoration? Perhaps this idea is scary and daunting – can you set aside the fear and instead grasp on to Jesus’ outstretched hand? Can you spend time sitting in silence lovingly gaze upon Jesus and letting Him lovingly gaze upon you?


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