Today we are blessed with not just one but 2 short testimonies! Natalie and Anthony, two of our recent First Communicants share their experience and thoughts of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.


  • Can you recall when you had childlike acceptance of believing that Jesus is who He says He is? Ask the Lord to help you recover some of that childlike trust in Him.
  • Reflect upon how you feel when you receive communion. If you find it to be static and ordinary, think of how you would want the experience to be. Then ask the Lord to lead you to a deeper union with Him in that moment.
  • Do you know someone who no longer believes in the real presence of the Eucharist? Pray the following prayer for them. Therese of the Child Jesus, I come to you, asking that you intercede on my behalf. I believe wholeheartedly that Christ is fully and totally present in the Eucharist, but _____________ no longer believes this. I care for him/her very much, and I wish for him/her to know the deep and abiding love that is there for them in the Eucharist. I desire that they be united to Christ intimately, and that they can once again believe that Jesus desires to be close to them, particularly in this sacrament that is the source and summit of our faith. Please present my request to our Heavenly Father, and in childlike trust I will abandon all fear that he/she will never come to believe. Amen.


  1. Children have such a beautiful way of describing how they felt receiving Jesus…
    Thank you for sharing this💜💜💜


  2. This was so sweet to hear the children’s view. They are truly a blessing from God. I the feeling of tears of joy to receive our Lord during communion. I felt it this past Sunday after not being able to receive communion due to covid for awhile. The tears of joy were amazing


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