Today’s Spark Talk is given by Jean Spohn, who shares with us a powerful moment she had in receiving peace of mind and heart during her mother’s final moments when she received Communion.


  • Think about if you have ever had an “intimate and powerful” experience of receiving the Eucharist. If you have, give thanks to God for His generous gift. If you have not, ask the Lord to bless you with an opportunity for such a gift, and then open your heart wide to the possibility that your prayer will be answered.
  • Jean articulated such a beautiful prayer as she received¬†communion that day. This prayer can be said by all of us, even if we don’t have a loved one passing from this life to the next. The next time you go to Mass, think of a specific intention, and as you receive Jesus into your body, say to Him, “As I receive you, please receive __________.” Allow this prayer to bring you comfort, knowing that Jesus receives them and holds them close to His heart.
  • Heaven and earth come together in a particular way at the consecration during Mass. Call to mind all those who have gone before you, and reflect on the beautiful mystery that you are reunited once again with them through the act of receiving the Eucharist.

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