Many people view God’s commands as burdensome, but there is a way to come to love them. Jennifer Sagel walks through how that transition can be made.


  • Even if you haven’t necessarily articulated the exact words, have you ever wondered, “What could God possibly want to do with me?” Take some time to pray through this feeling and allow Him to answer the question.
  • This is the link for The Chosen Season One Episode 8 that Jennifer references. The episode itself begins at 11:07, and the scene of the Woman at the Well begins at 51:17. As you watch, see how God’s reaches out to you the same way that He reaches out to her. Also note the freedom, joy, exuberance and thrill that she displays after her conversation with Jesus.
  • Make a plan to get to reconciliation. Put in on your calendar now and commit to prayerfully reviewing what you need to say as the days lead up to your appointment. Jesus is waiting for you.
  • If you want or need, click on the link below to find an examination of conscience that pertains to your state in life and prayerfully review it.


  1. By far the best sharing of this retreat. Jen, your calming, nonjudgmental approach is proof of God’s love. I too believe God doesn’t keep score because keeping score leads to broken relationships, as does believing that one’s way of getting close to God is the best/only way. God bless you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


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