Craig Dinges speaking on coming to understand the gift of God’s Law.


  • When life is out of control, like it can be sometimes, are you willing to consider that God’s laws can provide a comforting source of guidance and direction? Can you see how God’s structure provides life?
  • On a day to day basis do you find that you try to follow God’s Law or do you try to create your own framework in which your life works?
  • Are you willing to step forward and to truth the Lord? To believe that what He asks for will bring about your greatest good through both the ups and the downs of life? Are you willing to let God give you peace as you deepen your relationship with Him?
  • Craig mentioned this quote that he read as he studied the Faith: “A law grounded in god is true and just, a law grounded in itself is merely suggestion, suggestion is not always true.” Consider this in light of times in your life when you tried following your own ideas rather than what God puts forth for our guidance and protection.
  • The Rosary is certainly a prayer that has rules and structure to how it is prayed, but it provides an excellent way to communicate with the Lord. Are you willing to pick up this Spiritual Weapon and to let its rules and structure lead and guide you?


  1. What a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and love. Thank you for sharing your story Craig and may you be blessed this coming Easter


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