Dave Lenox speaks of the gift of the sacrament of confession and how it relates with God’s Law.


  • Dave spoke of the BEAUTY of the gift of confession. Some people don’t see it this way but rather view it as a scary practice of admitting guilt. God is so loving that He gives us His law NOT to have something to hang over our heads but rather to guide us. Proof that He’s not out to get us is the fact that He gives us such a beautiful way to be forgiven. Reflect for a moment on how God’s Mercy works hand in hand with His Law.
  • Do you find that in confession sometimes you try to “tap-dance” around the major issues? Do you find that there are some sins that you don’t confess. I (Fr. Romke) will admit that as a High Schooler I certainly did this, which I was disappointed to learn later on results in an invalid confession. If in the past you’ve skipped over some of the deeper or more embarrassing sins, might you consider the fact that God wants to free you from those sins as well?
  • Consider the following question: “Do you think that you are a better at sinning than God is at forgiving?” Know that God’s forgiveness easily obliterates even your deepest darkest sin.
  • Tomorrow – For those of you who live in the Diocese of Rockford, we will be having “Be Reconciled Day” where confessions will be heard throughout the day at all of the parishes. At St. Patrick’s Church in Dixon we will be hearing confessions from 9am-7pm. Is God calling you to freely receive His mercy in this sacrament?


  1. Everyone sharing what they have learned and experienced has helped me so much this Lent.. This 40 day retreat is the best thing I have done..
    Thank you for sharing 💜😌


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