Fr. Gary Caster of the Diocese of Peoria beautifully describes how to see the Passion in a new light from God’s perspective.


  • When you think of the Passion, what is your initial thought? How does your understanding and appreciation of the Passion shift when you consider the Passion, your life, and the big picture from God’s perspective?
  • Consider and reflect on the fact that God’s “pain” began when humanity turned away, rejected His love, and didn’t trust His plan. . .
  • God says to all of us “Will you be my friend?” Reflect upon the price that God was willing to pay to be your friend. How do you value and nurture this friendship of the greatest love bought at the highest price?
  • The Passion is not just pain and suffering, it is a result of God’s PASSIONATE love for you, how does this perspective affect you and how can is change how you live your life?
  • In moments where you feel rejected, can you unite your pain to Jesus rejection, understanding that the Passion cannot be separated from rejection?
  • Understand that Jesus has been waiting for the Passion, for this moment, with longing. . . How does this change your outlook on suffering and your own moments when you are called to sacrifice out of love? How does this change your understanding of God’s love for you?
  • Ponder this: You don’t control God’s love for you. He loves you regardless of any failure you have experienced. His supreme act of love is FINISHED – His love is complete and it is yours! How can this change your life?
  • LET GOD LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This retreat has been so wonderful! May God Bless you all for bringing our Lord closer to me. It’s been a true inspiration, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  2. This was wonderful insight. I never thought of the Bible from God’s perspective. This makes sense to me now. Thank you Father for this insight.
    This retreat has been awesome.


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