There are many components to the Passion of Christ, and Dr. Joe Welty shares some of his personal journey to understanding Christ crucified.


  • Dr. Welty had a profound moment of union with the Lord that came as a result of being open to share his talents with the parish. How might God be calling you to serve, and in turn to impact you in an unexpected way?
  • This week as we being Holy Week, can you try to put aside all other distraction or things that might hold your attention and focus on the crucifix? Can you spend 5 minutes today gazing upon this sign of Love?
  • How is Jesus love and sacrifice from the cross calling you to take the focus off of yourself in this particular moment? How are you being called to serve those who are in need?
  • Can you ask Jesus to help you to share His endurance when it comes to pouring yourself out of love – not only for those who you are close with, but also for those whom you are called to forgive.
  • Reflect on the following beautiful quote from Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “Keep your eyes on the crucifix, for Jesus without the cross is a man without a mission, and the cross without Jesus is a burden without a reliever.”

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