Brad Hunsberger shares a moving testimony about encountering God’s healing love while on a recent pilgrimage.


  • What Church or place in your life holds a special significance for you?  Reflect on the powerful moments of your life that have happened in these special places.
  • Do you ever allow yourself to fully experience the full weight and depth of Jesus’ love in dying for you?  Can you let yourself be vulnerable and to feel the depth of this love?
  • Take a moment to reflect upon the fact that there are true relics of the nails that went through Jesus’ hands and feet, wood from the cross, and the pillar where Jesus was scourged.  How does thinking about this concretize your understanding of Jesus sacrifice?
  • When in your life have you had something unexpected happen that would seem from outside to ruin your experience, that deep down interiorly you know made a positive difference and impact?  How can you let knowledge of God’s providence in that moment give you courage to face what you have to today?

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